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Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac's illustrations from The Arabian Nights by Laurence Housman - A book my father bought
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My Mother said:

“With your Father it was either a book or something to eat”

Taking into consideration that statement and the fact book precedes something to eat, I believe it most probable that they went without their supper the day he bought this. Printed in 1907 and acquired by my Father in the mid fifties, before I was born, it was already in a sorry state and hasn’t, over the years, recovered. The binding is falling apart, pages are loose and there are signs of water damage. What is remarkably untouched and unblemished by the ravages of time however are the colour plates by Edmund Dulac. These have remained covered by titled tracing paper and are, I think, the reason my Father made this, at that time, extravagant purchase.

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