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Hergest circular walks

A selection of walks taking in Hergest Common and beyond
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I have been walking over what I affectionately call 'the hill' since we moved back to Herefordshire , from Cardiff. Always with a minimum of one dog and sometimes with family and friends. I have covered most of the open land bisected by the Offa's Dyke Path and still never tire of the beautiful diverse scenery to be found here on the English/Welsh border.

Below is a sample of some of the walks I have taken. All the walks start from Ridgebourne Road, the Kington side of Hergest.

Walk to the top and back

This is probably the most popular walk which is up over the top of the hill and then back around one half of the Victorian country race track, I walked a little further here so that the dogs could have a drink at the hill top pool.

Map of Hergest circular walk around the top

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Off the beaten track #1

This walk takes in the southern half of the race track, the ridge and then follows the lower ground past Hergest Farm.

Map of Hergest circular walk off the beaten track #1

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Off the beaten track #2

A variation of the above walk taking the northern branch of the race track. Also shows (blue marker) where the monkey puzzle trees are situated.

Map of Hergest circular walk off the beaten track #2

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Walk to Gladestry

This walk takes you right down the ridge and to The Royal Oak in Gladestry.

Map of Hergest to Gladestry walk

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There are other equally beautiful walks to the north through wooded hills and lower lands but I have not, yet, recorded them.

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